Welcome ...

... to our homepage about HafenCity!
Using this site we want to present our thoughts and facts worked out about Hamburg´s most ambitious development for this young century. And of course we want you to have your own thoughts about this project and therefor we would be pleased with any kind of feedback about our homepage, the HafenCity or whatever related topics you can find. Please use our guestbook or write us an e-mail ! We want to encourage anyone interested ( students, town-planners, architects, etc. but also "amateurs" and "laymen" ) to make their own picture about the future of HafenCity and how this area could be looking like one day. This site offers plenty of space and we would be glad to publish your ideas here. Maybe we can, by this, build a platform not only for "professionals" but also for future inhabitants, workers and visitors to present ideas or to be inspired.


Important !
The fact, that this site is currently being worked on, should be out of question. Because we're using this homepage as a tool for our student-project and the language of the original texts is usually German the site might contain mistakes and errors. "hafencity.net" is exactly what HafenCity is going to be over the next twenty years: a huge building site. A site which might contain some nice or ugly places but on which there will also be building and constructing on other spots.
The English version might contain summaries only in some places. If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact us!

But, nevertheless, enjoy our site!